What is it all about

We are native tour operators who provide fascinating comprehensive spiritual tour packages to India, the land that is accredited for the genesis of spiritualism. Spirituality is the essence which binds physical human existence to inner spiritual cognizance. It helps us learn more about our metaphysical existence as a soul and emphasizes the teachings with transcendent experiences through meditation. It helps us unite with the universe and makes us more self-aware. Our spiritual tour packages take you on enchanting journeys to mystical lands of spiritual importance. You not only explore the anecdotes behind the genesis of important religions but also practice spiritual preachings to experience divinity and self-awakening.

Decipher Popular Anecdotes Behind Major Religions

You must have heard famous anecdotes about Ramayana, Lord Buddha, and more. In fact, there is a story associated with the genesis of every religion and spiritual practice. Follow the trails of the popular anecdotes and decipher the stories for yourself. Learn how the famous religions came into existence at first. Learn about the motivation behind their genesis and the devotional beliefs that make them stay strong till date.

Practice Spiritual Preachings

Our tour packages offer you a chance to be a part of the spiritual preachings and experience them for yourself. You can perform puja rituals as you visit different Hindu and Buddhist temples. You can hear orations given by famous spiritual preachers. You can participate in different religious customs like Satsang, maha yagya, maha aarti, and so on. Take a dip into spirituality and explore your inner self. Experience immense peace, elation, and divinity with our amazing spiritual tours.

Learn From Religious Gurus

You must have heard about great religious gurus like Dalai Lama, Sadhguru, and Jaggi Vasudev. These spiritual leaders are followed not only in India but all over the world. We offer exclusive tour packages to our international clients to help them meet the spiritual leaders and learn from them. Learn more about their ideology towards life, spirituality, and human existence as they teach you better life skills and modes of having a more fulfilling life. Embark on an amazing and awe-inspiring journey of self-awakening and self-awareness with our fascinating spiritual tour packages.

Select From A Myriad Of Fascinating Experiences

Do you wish to visit the temple towns of India? Do you want to learn more about the Buddhist preachings? Did you ever have a chance to witness the amazing Ganga Aarti in Prayag and Haridwar? Our tour packages are loaded with enlightening experiences and remarkable encounters. Select from numerous experiences like hiking and trekking journeys to distant religious places, mass bathing, spiritual discussions, mass singing of religious songs, mass feeding men and women, and participating in puja rituals. Customize your itinerary as per your personal preferences. You can also pick a tour from our pre-planned packages as per your duration, budget, and inclination.