India has been the epicentre for the birth, origin, evolution, development, and growth of Buddhism. Many pilgrimage sites throughout India have profoundly revered and followed Buddhism. Follow the trail of Buddhism through pilgrimage sites like Bodhgaya, Kushinagar, and more with our Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours.

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Admire Preachings Of Buddhism

Buddhism is a religion that preaches the awakening of a person through practices of meditation. The Buddhist pilgrimage sites offer a sense of spirituality and an unsurpassed tranquillity to the soul and senses of every visitor. Buddhist pilgrimage sites at different regions in India are travelled by millions of religious travellers throughout the year. Our Buddhist pilgrimage tours take you on an enchanting journey to the sacred sites and spots associated with early Buddhism. Visit places like Kushinagar, Sravasti, Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, and Varanasi to follow the trails of Buddhism. Admire Buddhist preachings and embark on a journey of self-evolution. Follow the stride of Lord Buddha and experience self-awakening and elation by pursuing Buddhist preachings.

Explore Amazing Buddhist Monuments

Almost all Buddhist pilgrimage sites are adorned with beautiful monuments and gigantic statues of Lord Buddha. The intricate artwork and amazing carvings at the Buddhist temples leave you spellbound. Admire the beauty of astounding Buddhist monuments. Witness the puja rituals at a myriad of Buddhist temples. Amaze at the magnificence of gigantic Buddhist idols who portray the grandeur of Buddhism and its preachings.

Learn The Etiquettes Of Visiting Buddhist Monasteries

Almost every religious place has some must do’s and don’ts. Buddhist monasteries are no exception. Buddhist temples are the sacred places for silence and prayers. They follow certain strict practices that all the visitor must adhere to for a respectful visit to any Buddhist Monastery. Never forget to show ample respect to every religion whenever you visit a shrine. While some etiquettes like switching off your phone, not touching the idols and puja items, and removing shoes outside are quite obvious, there are many others you should know before visiting a Buddhist shrine. You are supposed to cover your shoulders and visit long pants. You should not point to any monk or idol. You should stand up for the monks to show respect and you should never touch a monk without permission. Learn the etiquettes of Buddhism as you visit Buddhist temples and monasteries.