India is a land of spirituality. Various devotees from all over the world undertake spiritual tours in India not only to visit the sites of religious importance but also to experience spirituality. The spiritual preachings are all about understanding and experiencing the divine power which blesses us with life. It helps us understand our spiritual existence, clam down our senses, and takes our mind away from the worldly pleasures so that we can live a life more worthy and free from sins.

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Gita And Yoga Life-Transforming Tour - Tour
  • Palghar, Maharashtra
  • 1 Night 2 Days

Gita And Yoga Life-Transforming Tour

$ 1

We all know about the life-transforming effects of Yoga to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Since ages, Yoga has been practised as a fundamental element to relieve stress, forgo anxiety, restore physical well-being and ensure mental health. Similar eloquent relieving effects are observed from the verses of Bhagavad Gita, our oldest book of wisdom. The verses of Gita provide profound answers to the most complex questions of existence. The ballads of Gita are a source of inspiration to many. Our Geeta And Yoga Life-Transforming Tour gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to understand the verses of Gita through 7 valuable lessons. Demystify the secrets of the ancient book of wisdom at the Goverdhan Eco-village with our life-transforming tour. Spend 2 mesmerising days in the Goverdhan Eco-village and embark on a journey of overall health and well-being. Practise Yoga asanas, learn daily pranayama and participate in relaxing meditation classes. Eat healthy Satvik food and participate in beautiful kirtans. Ensure complete self-care through physical, mental, and spiritual detoxification. Discover a better new self with our 2-days life-transforming tour.   Important Dates The 7 days Gita And Yoga Life-Transforming tour will be organized multiple times between October 2018 to March 2019. You can enrol for the following duration or dates: 21 Oct 2018 - 22 Oct 2018 15 Dec 2018 - 16 Dec 2018 09 Mar 2019 - 10 Mar 2019

Dalai Lama Divine Teachings Tour - Tour
  • Delhi Airport
  • 8 Nights 9 Days

Dalai Lama Divine Teachings Tour

$ 1

You have respected him, you have heard his words, you have followed his teachings, you have lived your life according to his preachings. Now, it is time to meet him and learn some more words of wisdom. Our Dalai Lama Divine Teachings Tour gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the insightful teachings of the famous spiritual guru Dalai Lama. Witness the greatness of his glory, paint your soul with his holiness, and participate in the journey of self-awakening. Dalai Lama is a well-known learned scholar who visits the monasteries throughout the world to spread the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. His discerning teachings will help you feel inner peace and harmony. This year his teaching sessions will be held at the sacred Buddhist monastery in Dharamsala, India. You will also get a chance to participate in the Green Tara Puja where you can offer prayer flags, a centuries-old sacred Tibetan tradition to show their respect and devotion. Tibetans believe that offering prayer flags will help in spreading scripted sacred mantras to their family, space, and uplifts the luck of the devotee. After the prayers, you can consult your concerns with the Amchi, a Tibetan doctor. Tibetan medicines are made from rare and precious organic herbs found in the mountains. These medicines are highly effective and do not have any side effects. Our tour combines the soulful journey of tranquillity with some sightseeing in Amritsar. Here, we will visit some of the most-esteemed spiritual sites of the Sikhs. Feel the sense of elation and bliss as you embark on this amazing tour of salvation, inner-exploration, self-awakening, and peace.  

Experience A Sense Of Awakening With Our Spiritual Tours

Take a spiritual tour to distant places in India for a transformative experience of self-awakening. Explore cultural connections, deepen your understanding of self-consciousness and self-transformation, and learn religions from a spiritual perspective. Join mass meditation sessions, mass religious preachings, and learn about the teachings of religious sculptures. Do not just walk through the religious emblems but explores stories behind their existence. Learn about their origin and teachings. Experience a sense of awakening through the spiritual teachings of religious gurus.

Explore Beliefs, Customs And Rituals Deep-rooted In Spirituality

Deep-rooted beliefs, ancient anecdotes, vivid mystical customs, and incredible spiritual practices make India a land of divinity and spirituality. The spiritual roots of India date back to ancient times and account for the origin and evolution of various religions. Witness the diverse rituals, practice mystical customs, explore the truth behind the religious beliefs and ancient anecdotes with our Incredible Spiritual Tours. Heal your soul and rejuvenate your senses with the spiritual preachings.

Different religions in India help people experience their spiritual existence through practices like meditation, mind-training sessions, Satsang, religious conversations, and other spiritual teachings. Mass congregations and mass feeding of needy men and women are organized throughout the country at various religious centres in India to promote unity and sense of oneness. Witness the power of devotions that brings people of different colour, creed, and religion under one hood. Witness the power of spirituality that binds people from different walks of life with a united feeling of oneness. Dive into the wave of spirituality with the one of our spiritual pilgrimage tour.