Most Fascinating Spiritual Tours In India

India is adorned with many places of spiritual importance and varied religious practices. Each one of them has different tales associated with their origin and existence. These places often find trails of their genesis in popular scriptures, ancient literature, and legendary anecdotes. You must have heard about the Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavad Geeta or the Mahabharata. You must have heard Vedic hymns sometime or the other. You must have read excerpts from ancient Hindu scriptures like Vedas and Upanishads. All of these telltale the story of the genesis and preservation of us humans as spiritual beings. These scriptures lay the foundation for spiritual teachings and preachings. We are your travel partner for spiritual tours that let you be one with your inner self, your beliefs and practices. 

Pick Your Spiritual High

We have categorised our tour packages into various collections or spiritual themes to ease out the process of selecting a specific tour. You can choose your tour package from our exclusive collection of categories such as Buddhist pilgrimage tours, Hindu pilgrimage tours, tour to the Temple Towns of India, and so on. We have exclusively planned the itinerary of every tour package to provide the most comprehensive spiritual experience. Pick a tour package today to explore India from a different perspective

Temple Towns Of India

Do you wish to visit the temple towns of India? Do you want to learn more about the Buddhist preachings? Did you ever have a chance to witness the amazing Ganga Aarti in Prayag and Haridwar? Our tour packages are loaded with enlightening experiences and remarkable encounters. Select from numerous experiences like hiking and trekking journeys to distant religious places, mass bathing, spiritual discussions, mass singing of religious songs, mass feeding men and women, and participating in puja rituals.

Buddhist Spiritual Teaching Tours

North India Pilgrimage

Discover your inner self and embark on a journey of self-exploration with our fascinating religious and spiritual tours. Visit ancient holy cities, perform puja rituals at sacred river banks, join the congregation of millions of devotees, soak in the spiritual vibes of the spaces, dance to the tune of Vedic hymns, and breathe in the fresh air scented with the smell of burning joss sticks. Have an exclusive experience and a spiritual journey for your soul that stays with you for ever.

South India Pilgrimage

Pick a tour from our pre-planned packages as per your duration, budget, and inclination. You can also customize your itinerary as per your personal preferences. Let us know if you want our assistance to tailor make one for you.

Ardh Kumbh 2019 - Recently Concluded

These tours were specially designed for the recently concluded Ardh Kumbh in Allahabad. While Ardh Kumbh is over, you may still choose to visit these fascinating spiritual and religious paragons of India. The vibe may have been different if you travelled with one of our tours during Ardh Kumbh Mela, however, the sanctity and spiritual high can still be experienced here. Do let us know if you want to pick any of these spiritual journeys for the soul.