Our spiritual teaching tours take an organic approach to introduce the crux of Buddhism through enlightened, enlivening followers and spiritual gurus. Lord Buddha introduced the Middle Way, the Eightfold Path, and the Four Noble Truths in his very first sermon. The message spread quickly amidst the masses irrespective of their caste, penetrating the barriers of class.

The essence of the complete teachings of Lord Buddha is based on the basic human nature to feel compassion towards others, awakening one’s raw self, and practising Buddha’s teachings. We experience so much chaos, mundane issues, commotion and endless problems. We search for a way to escape. Our tours gives you a chance to cleanse your disturbing mind and learn new ideas for dealing with hurry-scurry in your life. 

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Dalai Lama Divine Teachings Tour - Tour
  • Delhi Airport
  • 8 Nights 9 Days

Dalai Lama Divine Teachings Tour

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You have respected him, you have heard his words, you have followed his teachings, you have lived your life according to his preachings. Now, it is time to meet him and learn some more words of wisdom. Our Dalai Lama Divine Teachings Tour gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the insightful teachings of the famous spiritual guru Dalai Lama. Witness the greatness of his glory, paint your soul with his holiness, and participate in the journey of self-awakening. Dalai Lama is a well-known learned scholar who visits the monasteries throughout the world to spread the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. His discerning teachings will help you feel inner peace and harmony. This year his teaching sessions will be held at the sacred Buddhist monastery in Dharamsala, India. You will also get a chance to participate in the Green Tara Puja where you can offer prayer flags, a centuries-old sacred Tibetan tradition to show their respect and devotion. Tibetans believe that offering prayer flags will help in spreading scripted sacred mantras to their family, space, and uplifts the luck of the devotee. After the prayers, you can consult your concerns with the Amchi, a Tibetan doctor. Tibetan medicines are made from rare and precious organic herbs found in the mountains. These medicines are highly effective and do not have any side effects. Our tour combines the soulful journey of tranquillity with some sightseeing in Amritsar. Here, we will visit some of the most-esteemed spiritual sites of the Sikhs. Feel the sense of elation and bliss as you embark on this amazing tour of salvation, inner-exploration, self-awakening, and peace.  

Seeking The Blessings Of His Holiness

Dalai Lama is one of the best-known and most respected spiritual gurus who is celebrated not just in India but worldwide. His words of wisdom enlighten the path to soulful living. His preachings are practised by millions all over the world who are in search of a more meaningful existence. Our spiritual teaching tours takes you on a spiritual journey to acquire inner peace. Get an opportunity to participate in the spiritual teaching sessions by His Holiness Dalai Lama in the beautiful surroundings of Buddhist monasteries. Get introduced to the core essence of Buddhism. Learn mindful meditation. Participate in spiritual discussions. Partake in celebrated puja rituals and embrace a lifestyle of simple, pure, ascetic living standards.

Experience The Wonders Of Mindfulness Thinking 

Who is not aware of the wonders of Mindfulness and the effectiveness of training one’s mind. Mindful thinking can indeed make a lot of difference to our life and existence. We can become a more soulful being, stay more in command of our decisions, can think more wisely, and can stay more stable at times of chaos. Take a voyage into the realms of spirituality to discover your inner self and awaken the seed of Buddha nature called the Bodhichitta. Buddhists believe that we all share the inherent quality of being sentimental and can realize ultimate liberation from the karmic cycle with a thorough practice of breathing meditation. 

Meditation And Self Awakening For Inner Healing

Experience your purest inner self via mindful meditation and self-awakening sessions. Explore the centuries-old sacred Tibetan traditions and experience inner healing as you participate in traditional special healing sessions. Experience the divinity around and within by practicing Mindful Meditation or Mindfulness. It is a technique of meditation that puts your mind to the highest degree of awareness. Mindfulness is an ingrained practice in Tibetan Buddhism. You will learn about and explore the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism through the lectures of learned scholars. You will visit the monasteries to attend the preaching sessions and experience the peaceful aura within. The learned spiritual scholars will guide you to participate in the Green Tara Puja, a famous ritual of Tibetan Buddhists which is believed to deliver peace and solace to one's disturbing mind.